Kata-kata motivasi cinta dalam bahasa inggris

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Halo Sobat "http://onfa.blogspot.com/" kali ini kita akan membahas tentang kata-kata motivasi cinta dalam bahasa inggris yang sangat menarik untuk anda baca dan pelajari. semoga dengan artikel Kata-kata motivasi cinta dalam bahasa inggris  yang telah saya tulis ini dapat membantu dan bermanfaat bagi anda. Langsung saja, bacalah artikel berikut :

kata-kata motivasi cinta dalam bahasa inggris 
Kata-kata motivasi cinta dalam bahasa inggris - dapat anda baca secara lengkap dan mungkin sangat bermanfaat bag anda di bawah ini :

Real love is the history of enormous patience.
Love stops being a joy when it stops being a secret.
a sweet little rabbit, just like you, because I love you!! kisses 
the hardesd thing in life is watching someone you love , loving someone else
Tears in my eyes     Tears for you    Tears that realise how much I love you
I would like to be a tear, born in your eyes, alive passing your cheeks and dieing on your lips.
If a raindrop would mean   I love you and you would ask me how much I love you, i bet you that it would  . rain all day !
They say that kids tell the truth, but am I a child too when I tell you that I love you enormously ?
Yesterday I did love you, tomorrow I will only think of you. You know whant  I love you!
Where were you before you came camping in my heart??? You started a fire and now my heart is filled with flames !!!
You always smile, you never say no, you never hurt me, my dear sweet teddybear!

A coin is easy to earn, but a LOVE is Hard to find.
The coin depreciates, but a LOVE appreciate.
I lost one coin for this msg, but I gained Priceless luv.

When I look into your eyes it's over
You got me hooked with your love controller
I'm tripping and I can not get over
I'm feeling lucky like a four leaf clover
Cos i'm into you
I'm into you

Boy asked god
"Y does she love a rose wich dies in a day and nt me who die for her everyday.!"

God replied

"Wat a dialogue man..Upload it on facebook..!"

When she smiles the Heavens open up,
Angels get there wings,
every woodland creature sings,
as Jesus brings a round of shots 
She smiles and all of time & space stops.
I love her Smile. 

If you love someone, you better PROVE it.
Because LOVE is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted upon .

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Dengan artikel diatas, saya sebagai author minta maaf jika terjadi kesalahan penulisan, ejaan, danb sebagainya. Terima Kasih karena anda telah membaca artikel Kata-kata motivasi cinta dalam bahasa inggris  ini.