Manusia pertama Eropa pun dari Sundaland

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Manusia pertama Eropa pun dari Sundaland
Frontiers of Anthropology: More American-Cromagnon Connections: Chancelade
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More American-Cromagnon Connections: Chancelade

The other day I came across this reconstruction of the French Magdalenian burial at Chancelade. After looking at it a bit, I said to myself
“I know who that is-it looks like Red Cloud!” (above)
Chancelade is a commune in the Dordogne department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.
Chancelade is known for a prehistoric discovery: the so-called Chancelade skeleton was found in the shelter of Raymonden in 1888. The way it was lying suggested a ritual burial. In 1889, Leo Testutannounced that the skeleton was of a new race, which he called the “Chancelade race”, the ancestor of the Eskimo. This hypothesis is now rejected, and the Chancelade race is considered to be a Cro-Magnon.
The Chancelade man stands 155 cm tall with very big brain size, at about 1710cc.
The nose and midface of the Chancelade skull has been damaged-not surprisingly as the bones are very fragile there. Enough is left to tell that the nose was high, projecting and of medium width.
The Chancelade man belonged to the Magdalenian culture and he lived between about 12000 and 10000 BC, and the Magdalenians primarily hunted reindeer (and they may have managed herds in a semi-domesticated state. There is some evidence they also kept dogs and other domesticated animals, but this evidence is usually disputed.
The original description for the Chancelade burial which identifies several of the physical characteristics as resembling
“Eskimos” is at the link:
Google Documents, Original Description
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