Mayan Calendar Explanation

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Mayan Calendar (Doc:
Five days ago the whole world was panicking about the dooms day that would end the whole earth, solar system, galaxy, and universe as we know it. And this was a huge problem, to those who believed it. There are underground bunkers for such catastrophic doomsday events. Minimal bunkers can cost up to $38,000 dollars. If you still don’t feel safe there’s always the $2.8 million dollar silo in stock which. This just goes to show that you have to believe in science and technology first and then Hollywood, and then the internet.
Rumors on the internet claimed that a planet Nibiru would collide with Earth creating mass destruction. Or in the movie ‘2012’ there were massive earthquakes everywhere on the globe. Other rumors included the North and South poles switching with each other, a three day blackout, solar storms and internet plus cell phone devices would not work on the 21st. Though the movie was epic, nothing actually happened.
So we all know that nothing occurred on December 21st except for a little rain. And you might be thinking that the Mayans were wrong all along. But technically they were actually right, just not the way you thought it would be.
The Mayans were known for their attention to the stars and astronomy. We used to think that was all they did, look up into the stars peacefully, until the recent studies showed that they liked to war on other early civilizations. We know this because of their writings they put on walls, kind of like hieroglyphics. This is also how we know about the Egyptians.
But figuring out a language that no one knows is not that easy. It’s like cracking a code. Except their writings aren’t the writings from aliens on another planet, Mayans are humans too.
So let’s cut to the chase. The Mayans liked to keep track of time so they made a calendar. Our calendar consists in 12 months each with about 30 days. Well the Mayan calendar is a little different. One day in Maya is a K’in, 20 days is called a Uinal, 18 Uinals is a Tun and a Tun is 360 days. This is amazing because their calendar is almost the same as ours even though they were isolated from Europe! They knew how to count the days of the sun.
But the calendar does not stop there, after 20 Tun there is a K’atun, and finally after 20 K’atuns is a B’ak’tun. A B’ak’tun has 144,000 days in it, which is really long. And the start of a new B’ak’tun happened to be on December 21st, 2012. So Hollywood was all like, this could make a good movie. And that is how is happened to be. No doomsday or Apocalypse.
But don’t get me wrong, there will be an Apocalypse. It’s just that we don’t know when yet. If say the extinction of humans happens when the sun explodes into a supernova then we still have time, lots of it. In fact it is five or four billion years to be exact. This just goes to show that if you ever think that an asteroid will collide with Earth, ask astronauts or NASA because they might be the first to know.
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Amri Mahardhika Dhimasanti